Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Anybody for Scuba diving???

No. That's not a scuba diving suit. :)

That's a special body suit to help Navya build better muscle tone. Our tummy is still a big concern, it gives stress on her backbone and also causes balance issues. 2 + years into PT, we are still called Marshmallow :).

Navya is supposed to wear it 6-7 hours daily. I was worried and I quickly asked the doc "Can she wear it when she is sleeping?".
"NO". Of course no, she has to wear it when she is physically active. The material of the suit is lycra+COTTON <- so thankful for this one and it's no more humid hot here, so I hope my little baby will get adjusted to it comfortably.
Today is the first day of this experiment, we are starting with 2 hours. Hope all goes well.

This body suit was suggested by Navya's PT. It is a pressure garment, we are told that when you wear a compression garment and do some physical activity in it, the blood pressure increases and your muscles work thus gain some strength.
We  have a orthopedic doctor who makes our orthotics, he got it stitched. Please let me know in case you need the details of the doctor. I guess you will have to come to the clinic to give your measurements, as detailed measurements are taken. The measurement and cutting of cloth is done here in Mumbai and sent to Delhi for stitching.The body suit has internal padding for zip area and they have put in all efforts to make the suit comfortable.Do write me on pallavi1609@gmail.com to get the doctor's phone number

Navya's adjustment Period
She could wear it only for 1.5 hours yesterday. Will post here once she gets adjusted to it


Becca said...

Wow, that's very interesting! I've never seen / heard of one of those, and Sammi's tummy is HUGE. LOL I'll be very curious to hear how it goes! And Navya is just too darn cute in it - awesome that it's pink!

To Love Endlessly said...

What a crazy little suit. You will have to keep us posted on how well it works. (we have our own little marshmallow tummy here too)

Devasena Hariharan said...

she looks cute in it, but 6-7 hrs will be little difficult for her..lets see how she adjusts

Devasena Hariharan said...

was really busy with these two, couldnt touch my computer. hope my little baby Navya is not angry with this aunty.

that dress looks very stuffy. Cant they stitch something only for the tummy and arms.. something like that

ch said...

that is QUITE an outfit! Since my two are used to running around in next to nothing, i can't imagine what an adjustment that would be! What a good momma you are for taking this on to help strengthen her little muscles. And, if ANYONE can make that suit a fashion statement, I'm absolutely SURE it would be Navya! xoxox