Friday, June 26, 2009

Down’s Syndrome boy clears SSC in first attempt

The SSC (Std X) results of Maharashtra State Board are out. Usually I like to scan through the paper to check the toppers of various categories; night school, disabled, how one studied with minimum study material, without any financial help etc.

This year I was wondering 'Do they declare the topper of mentally disabled category?' or 'They can't even clear the exam?' :(

And then came Ashish and asked me to check Mumbai Mirror's 5th Page.

This is what I found there.

Down’s Syndrome boy clears SSC in first attempt
- Ashok and Aishwarya Baride of Andheri (E) saw the culmination of 17 years of patience and perseverance on Thursday. Their son Sahil, diagnosed with T-21 Down’s Syndrome, passed his Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exams through the NIOS programme with 48.8 per cent — despite his below-average IQ. He is the first from Canossa Special School, Mahim, to clear his exams in the first attempt. “We thought he would take at least two years to clear his Std X. But when we saw the results, we were thrilled,” Ashok said.
Parth Hendre, a physically handicapped friend two years his junior, was Sahil’s writer and inspiration. “Children with Down’s find it difficult to grip anything, so they are slow writers, hence the assistance,” Ashok said. “Hendre always encouraged him to appear for his examinations,” Ashok added. On being asked if there was any chance Hendre had helped Sahil cheat, Ashok laughs, “The exam hall at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bhandup, had exactly four students appearing for the exam, and one invigilator, who ensured there was no hanky-panky going on.”

Sahil with his parents.

I am very sure this news will inspire all special need students and their parents.

Congratulations Sahil for your success. I wish I could convey to you and your parents, how happy we are to see you achieving this.
Way to go Sahil !

The article can also be checked here’s-Syndrome-boy-clears-SSC-in-first-attempt.html


stephanie said...

Congratulations to Sahil, how wonderful. His parents must be ready to burst with pride! Thanks for sharing this beautiful news with us, it is always good to hear about others accomplishments

Perplexing Situation said...

That is SO encouraging. I love to hear positive news about babies/kids/adults with T21.

Congratulations Sahil!

Becca said...

What a wonderful story! I'm so glad to have read that.

Dave and Annamarie Nielson said...

Awesome! I have a son with down syndrome! way to represent Sahil!

ashok said...

Sahil has also excelled in Swimming and made us proud with consistence medal winning performances at State and National level competitions in India. Another milestone achieved with 2 silver medals at Global Aquatics Meet held at Puerto Rico (USA) in Sept 2012.

ashok said...

Be with him all the way and you will be surprised by his achievements....

Pallavi said...

Dear Ashok,
I suppose you are Sahil's father.
Could you please drop me your email id on

Would love to connect your family and Sahil.


Adhir said...


Congratulations on this awesome achievement. This kind of news is so encouraging for parents like us (we have a beautiful girl of 9 months with DS). We are also looking for any help possible to ensure we are doing everything we can to help our daughter.