Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birthday Pics (School + Home)

Ready for the Big Day

In the School with her favourite Teacher and her Nanny
(check out her stuffed mouth in the first pic- that's cake lol)

Snacks Break

With Her Best Friend

With her Nanny Sapna :)

We celebrated at home too with Navya's Friends in our Apartment 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

B'day Party Pics

This celebration was organised by our friends in TheVillage. It's a Rajsthani Theme Restaurant. We had great time. Here are few pics.

I had to put it in collage,as the image uploading in blogspot isn't very user friendly, please click on the picture to enlarge

Cake.. Yum Yum
Navya had great time here...
Here she is enjoying her food/Kulfi, Butterfly Tattoo and the Buffalo Ride(dont worry, it wasn't real :))

Some 'Gana Shana', 'Dhol Tadaka', 'Gol Gappe' and lots of Chatting with friends

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Kitten

This little Stinker turned 2 today :)

Birthday pics coming soon....

Friday, September 3, 2010

Why Me???

That's the question which haunted me for almost a year after Navya's DS diagnosis.

And here I am with my soon to be 2 yr old. And I still wonder WHY ME???
Only the tone of the question is different now :)

During the initial days I read all these wonderful blogs; wherein people had told how they are gifted and happy with their kids. The immature ME thought it’s just a way of consoling so that you don’t miss what you don’t have.

I was wrong. I was so very wrong. My own daughter has proved me wrong.

If there is any new Parent reading this now, trust me you will feel the some if not already in few days/months. Just hang on there. 

When I look in those Mischievous Eyes

When I hear her Laugh

When I hear her calling me Mimi (oh I love this one so much. First EM.. then MaMaMa.. now Mimi.. Loving everybit of it)

When I see her engrossed in her Play

When I see her giving someone generous warm Hugs and Kisses

When I see her Waving to Strangers

When I see people Waving and Smiling back at her

When I see her Praying

When I see her Smiling

When I see this little doll Dancing

I wonder WHY ME???

God, do I deserve so much of Love and Joy?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy B'day Lord Krishna

Hello All, 
Today is Lord Krishna's B'day.
We celebrated in school today; all my friends and teachers had come in traditional wear.
My MiMi doesn't want to miss any chance of clicking cute pics of mine. Here are the pics from today's photoshoot.
Thanks to Teena Aatya(my aunt) for this cute dress.. I love RED :)
Hair Style : My Nanny 'Sapna Di'
Behind the Camera : Mimi
And THE SUPER CUTE Model is ME - Navya Joshi 

Jai Jai

Flying Kissi to Lord Krishna

MiMi Loved this pose

This is my school

Check out my Kanahya Belt..