Monday, August 22, 2011

Rains... Cold... Cough and Ah that Whizzing

I hate you rains... I hate you...

Seriously, it doesn't take much time to catch cold in this season. No matter how much we protect, Navya catches cold instantly.
And with cold comes the running nose then blockage of nose and in the end that scary whizzing sound. I say scary as it is a real scary one. You see that your baby is not able to lie down, and that breathing sound is so loud that makes you feel your baby is grasping for breaths.

And what does your pediatrician say? A usual answer "Her nasal passage is narrow. So if a typical child takes 4-5 days to recover from cold she will take 8-10 days."
"Her tonsils are big. With the infection, they enlarge even more"
So he prescribes the usual cough and cold medicines. And if you again go back with same symptons chances are high that you will get an Antibiotic prescription.

We have had above sessions n number of times. God only knows how many bottles of Allegra and Ascoril syrups Navya has consumed till date.
Those white antibiotic doses give me chills.

The only solution to above problem seems to increase immunity. Alopathy doctor thinks, you gain immunity only when you face such cold/cough attacks. Seriously, I don't think this logic has worked for us.

I have heard how Homeopathy works well with young kids. We had a failed attempt some year back. Navya was on homeopathy for a year with a very well known Homeopathy Clinic. But it did not work out for us.

Some 3 months back Navya had a real bad infection. Whizzing sound + fever.. That was the only symptom nothing else. We were told to take 5 days of antibiotic dose. Fever will subside in 5 days and whizzing will go away slowly in 10 days.
This time around I was adamant that I will not give her another antibiotic dose moreover I was not convinced with the recovery timeline.
I decided to take a chance with Homeopathy. Homeopathy doctor gave an assurance that Whizzing will subside in 2 days.

We kept the faith and continued for 4 days and seriously whizzing did go away in 2 days.

Navya is on chronic medicine to increase her immunity now. We have had 2-3 incidences of cold/cough. But not seen the allopathy  doctor yet and keeping faith in Homeopathy.

I really hope there will be a day soon, when I will not worry when it rains. When she insists to eat ice-cream. When she sits in her bath-tub longer. When she gets drenched in rains.
I really hope so. I am keeping my faith.

P.S: I checked with this Homepath doctor about removing tonsils. She is dead against it. She says tonsils are very useful. They take all the infection and don't let it go inside our body. So incase you don't have tonsils there are high chances that infection will go in to other body parts like chest etc. And Homeopathy has excellent medicines for tonsils, so not to worry.

And a very handy tip, after having ice cream give a little warm water to your child. This will avoid enlargement of tonsils. I learnt it just today :)

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Devasena Hariharan said...

every child gets cold after eating ice creams and rain -:)

feel free to take antibiotics. I seriously dont trust homeopathy, its slow recovery.

I had taken antibiotics nearly 5 times during pregnancy, once for cold and 4 times for urinary infection.

If she is suffering badly, go for allopathy. homeopathy is slow and wont give her immediate relief.