Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh, I felt like a celebrity's mom :)

Last Friday Navya's school had a Fancy Dress Day; for Navya's batch the theme was 'Farm Animals/ Underwater Animals'. Interesting part was the moms were suppose to design the outfit, no ready made costumes were allowed. So quickly I thought Navya can dress up like a Rabbit.. The costume would be easy to make and Navya would be comfortable in it. So we came up with this one. 
Navya loved it :).

We did a small photo session at home before leaving for the school.

Notice the tail. It was a detachable tail :) ha ha.
Now, the most amazing part - we reach school, I put her ears in the hairband and get her ready to enter.
School had arranged chairs in the indoor play area for the parents.The moment we enter (I am holding Navya's hand and Navya walking slowly), I hear such comments
"Oh Look at Navya, so cute"
"Achha ye hai Navya??" (Ok, that's Navya?)
"Navya, cutie pie"
"Oh Bunny she is so cute" :)

Then we move to the classroom, Navya's friends were excited to see her, they wanted to click pics with her.
One boy came close and gently touched her cheeks.
Navya was happy to model for the photographer mommies and to show the 'hop like a rabbit move'

Then it was the time to move to the open area, one by one, to show off your costumes. One by one the kids go there, some feeling shy, some were not ready to put on their costumes, some were happily showing off teir cool costumes. Now it was Navya's turn, she refused to go with her teacher so I accompanied. The teacher announced that Navya is a bunny and asked her to please smile. There you go, this little model smiled and so all the cameras flashed.
Oh I felt like a celebrity's mom :) Loved every bit of it.

Later when Navya's Nanny picked her from school, she told me Navya was very happy today. I am sure Navya too enjoyed this event.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010