Monday, May 17, 2010

Product Review Monday - Your Baby Can Read

Starting from this Monday, I am planning to write the reviews of things we have tried and been using. Hopefully this is useful.

Why to Introduce?

There are varous claims from Dr.Tizer who invented this program, you can check them here.
I clearly remember the day, it the first time after receiving Navya's diagnosis I met my Gynaecologist, she was feeling very sorry for me. She was willing to prescribe some anti depressant tablets for me. But that was not all I wanted from her. I asked how would be my baby. She said 'your baby would be mentally retarded. Meaning she can walk and play but she will never be able to read or write'. I felt terrible that day.
Thankfully, in few days I met a wonderful lady  Mrs. Noni Khullar'. She runs a wonderful school 'Akshar'- the first fully integrated school in Kolkata. Her first child 'Dhruv' has 'Down's Syndrome'. I remember Noni Maa'm telling me to introduce Flash cards to Navya at the age of 15 months. And at that time she also told me teach her the words in whole as in teach 'cat' as 'cat' and dont separate out the letter as C A T.. CAT..
So as soon as I saw the ad of this product, I knew this would be useful. The other thing which she has mentioned is Stimulation. Stimulate as much as possible, the neurons in brains should burn (if thats the correct word). Take her wherever you go, shopping, restaurants, malls everywhere. Dont loose a single opportunity to show her something new. So that more and more numebr of neurons burn/light up and connect. I believed it in as Mrs. Noni has raised Dhruv so well, at the age of 16 he can speak fluent english, plays golf better than his father, a computer savvy and into many more things. 

To summarize I Introduced this program to Navya
1) For Stimulation
2) To introduce New words
3) For my child to read - any reading is good as long as it benefits my child. I know there are somem oppositons to this approach. but as we have been told that there could be problem in reading area then why not introduce this.And eventually the child will learn the phonic reading. Dr. Tizer has mentioned that on this website too.
4) And these days Navys demands to watch TV wherever possible - so we introduced these DVD. This keeps her busy and I can take care of my cores SOMETIMES :)
Our Experience
It's been a little over a month we have introduced 'Your Baby Can Read' (Starter Level )Flashcards/Picture cards to Navya. within a weeks time she started recognizing 'hi' word. We continued showing her falsh cards. Now she can recongnize and sign for all most all words from Starter Level. Now we have introduced Level 1 Flashcards/Picture Cards to her.

She can recongnize and sign below words (actually I could remember only these words)
arms up

* I am not sure if she understands it. As I don't know how to sigh this. Navya knows sign of 'Monkey' but this DVD sets has all 3 words Monkey, Chimpanzee and Gorilla..  :(
Will try to post a video. Btw we purchased a Sony Handycam on the eve of 'Akshay Tritiya' (It is supposed to be an auspicious day for purchasing valuable items/gold)

Product Details

To Purchase in India
Cost: Rs. 5000/- Inclusive of Shipping charges (shipping charges are less in Tamilnadu state)

Is anybody else using this program.What do you think? Let me know your views about the program.


Becca said...

Oh, that's awesome, Pallavi! I've been wondering about that program, since I really wanted Sammi to learn to read this year, and she loves flashcards. I may have to look into that now. I'm so glad you had that interaction with the woman who runs the school - sounds like she really knows her stuff!

Tina said...

It's great what you are doing, I didn't know you were on this program, just shows how long we haven't chatted!! I will definitely look into it.

Sumithra said...

Thanks for the info Pallavi. I also happened to see the promotion yesterday on the tv. I've ordered it today and would be receiving the package tomorrow. Will email you if I have any questions on introducing the flash cards. Thanks.

Ruby's Mom said...

I bought this program for Ruby when she was only a few months old but I haven't used it very much.Thanks for posting about how much Navya has been learning.I am going to start using this program with her Baby Signing Time .

Anonymous said...

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