Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick Update

First thigs first.. :) Navya is doing quite good in 'Just Kiddin'.. Her teachers/Principal adore her, that makes me feel GR8.. But I hate that 'Of she is so small ' glance, which I get ocassionally from few parents.
School first day pics/video are there, but I am not getting time to upload here.

We have travelled to Ashish's native place last week. Ashish's Sister Teena got engagaed on 20th June. :)

Now tonight we are off to Singapore. It's my first International Travel alone (me + navya), getting nervous.. Ashish is already there in Singapore for official work. We are joining him there and will be back together on 30th June.

Oh one more thing, till date Navya has not cried in her playschool. Isn't it interesting..
Somehow I don't feel good about it  :(

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

That was not the one..... Got into 'Just Kiddin'

That was not THE ONE :(. Even 'My Little Company' refused to take Navya. The Branch Head had seen Navya and had no issues admitting her. But one of the Directors had issues, again same reason was given. We are not well equipped to handle her. We had sent a request mail too, but they haven't got back to us yet. I think that's the easiest way to avoid further fights.

So we started searching again, found 'Kidzee'. We liked the place; they were fine with Navya's gross motor delays. We had not mentioned anything about DS. But our PT told me Kidzee takes kids with special needs. The only issue was - it was bit far from our house. We had kept it as an option.

Today around 1pm I checked one more place called as 'Just Kiddin'.
I explained what kind of delays Navya has and all. So she wanted to have a look at Navya before saying yes. I told her I will get Navya back in 30 mins. This time too, the felt they are going to refuse. The Head suggested me to wait for another 6 months and then try saying 'let her be independent first'. But getting admission in Nov session would be tough, so we will have to wait for another year.
This time I pushed and mentioned I can provide the personal care taker for her. But then again the Head said 'Let me have a look at the child, as most of the times kids are very smart and they are above our expectiations'. Then we agreed to meet within half an hour as there was just one seat left for the afternoon batch.

We went there again at 1:30. Navya was dressed in pretty Blue dress.
As soon as we entered the Head and other staffs smiled and said 'Hello Darling'.
Navya smiled and waved back. I made her sit on the table. Navya was very curious, was busy checking the place. Then she noticed a 'Ganesh Idol' and she started doing 'jai jai' (praying).
By this time the Head was impressed. So in just two minutes of our arrival, she said 'Her refluxes and understanding is perfect. We will have no problem admitting her'. :)


School is starting from 16th June. Timings: 11 am to 1 pm.
It’s within a kilometer range from my office and home. Fees are also less compared to other play schools.
Hopefully this is the one we had been looking for.
I am super happy today, as we did not have to convince anybody, nor have we hidden anything from anybody. It was Navya's Maya (magic) which worked. :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Found one :) and Life Begins at 30

"My little Company"  Yes that's the name of Navya's Office (Ashish has asked me not to call it a SCHOOL, he says call it Office, Navya is too young for school. :))

We got a warm welcome from the team there. Navya liked the place a lot; she wanted to play there right away. I am sure she will enjoy there.
I had seen the place a year back, we were thinking to put Navya there for Day care, but things did not work out because of my odd office timings.
The admission process will be done on Monday. Navya will join her office from June 16th. :)

There is one more news - Ashish has started writing his own blog. Its name is 'Life Begins at 30', pls. check it here

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Play school update

Well, we haven't got into any yet. Collected info on various other play schools close to our place. Will visit one by one.
I spoke to one mother yesterday; her child with DS was going to Tree House. Her experience was bad. I really wonder how they can do this to such a small kid. These days lots of private playschools are coming up with various promises, we parents fall for those big brand names and pay heavy tuition fees. I wish there was some regulations on these private playschools.

I was very angry yesterday; I knew I will have to fight. But at playschool level????? I was angrier with the remark of having a Special Educator for Navya at such early stage. She doesn't need any special educator right now.
At this stage I just want my child to go to an interesting place, play there, and interact with other kids. That's all. I wish Navya had a sibling.
The mother I mentioned above also said  'Put Navya to a playschool where they will take her happily. We can certainly send a notice to the school. But it's just the beginning and we will have to fight at school level too, so reserve energy for that'. I see a point there.

And thank you all for your comments, I think I am not going to tell everyone right in front about Navya's DS. Let them ask questions. Will try and find a place where Teacher:Kids ratio is small.
The session would be starting by mid June, need to finalize before that. Will keep you updated.

Bye the way below playschools happily take kids with special needs and they have special educators. Unfortunately we don't their branches near our home.
    Kangaroo Kids
    Tigger Kids

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And the battle begins...

Just got a call from 'Tree House' that "They can not admit my child to playschool, as my child has down's syndrome and she needs to go to a special school. Whatever the teacher will teach (????) in school my child may not understand it and they don't have any special educator with them. So we can not take her"

Have they seen my child? how can they say she will not understand whatever is taught in the class???
Bye the way what do they TEACH in class???? in a pre school playschool????
By law they can not refuse admission to my child?
Why the hell they don't have any special educator?? They are there to make money, aah I missed it.
Pls don't ask me to mind my langauage, hope you understand how angry I am.

But seriously, what can I look forward? Getting into a mainstream school would be just a Dream?????

I think I should stop writting now.. I am just too angry and disappointed right now. They said NO for Playschool... this is just too much to take..

Any lawyers out there???? Mommies did you face this issue?? Anybody from Mumbai out there????
Are there any other playschools, which happly take differently abled children???
Please leave a comment here....