Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chota Pujari

Yes, Chota Pujari (small priest) that's what we call Navya. Reason - she loves to perform the Puja. Loves to ring the bell (ghanti), take Aarti, clap during Aarti and loves to do Jai Jai..
After shower and in the evening she will keep on reminding you by signing Jai Jai.
Here are few pics from Thursday's Aarti.

It's time to ring the Bell

now flowers

Mala Jaap

Hare Rama|| Hare Krishna

p.s. - This is Navya's new night dress. Isn't it cute? I bought it from a local market of Pune for 90 bugs ;)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Book Review - New Language of Toys

I got to know about this book from Navya's Speech Therapist. She felt that we were not playing enough + not in a correct way. So she suggested this book. After a lot of search in Crossword/Odyssey shops, I ordered it online. 

The book talks about the
  • Stages of speech development.
  • Age appropriate toys (0-6 yrs) with photographs
  • Sample Dialogues while playing with the toy
  • Checklists to track the progress
I think there is information for over 60 toys.
Most of the toys are available in India. Even if the branded ones are not available, I am sure the Indian/Chinese version of it would be available. And the interesting part, for every section there are some Home Made toys :). Yes they are quite interesting and innovative, and simple to make.

Lot of time I don't understand what kind of toys are useful and most importantly how to play with Navya.
This book surely helps me with that. I am sure you will get an idea how to talk to the child. I haven't finished reading it yet, but I am convinced it's a very useful book.

Price: Rs. 900+ (I had ordered on and there was a huge discount on it.)
Actual Price: I think the actual cost is 1400+ (not very sure though)

PS: Just noticed it is listed on Downsed Shop
Ria has already posted the review of this book, here is a link to that post.