Saturday, July 25, 2009

Enjoying Motherhood

Last month was wonderful. Navya is doing well. Her doctor is happy with her progress. On cognitive level there are no delays yet. Yes on the physical part she is delayed by 3-4 months. Navya started to sit without support in the beginning of this month. Navya recognizes us very well now, she raises her arms to be picked up. She waives bye-bye, moves her fingers to show come & sometimes shakes her head to say no-no (I am not sure if she knows the meanings, but she likes to imitate us)
Navya is taking interest in pictures books, earlier everything used to go in her mouth :). She loves to shake toys, likes to play with stacker, basically she is showing interest in toys. I am sure very soon she will loose interest in her toys, hmmm time to buy new ones I guess.
One more interesting thing, Navya wants to eat everything that we eat, even if her tummy is full. I had stopped mashing her food some two months back I guess; so she chews everything properly now. She takes good bites of the biscuits; remind you she doesn’t have a single tooth yet :)
Navya is taking water/milk from sipper and Straw cup; I had read somewhere that Straw cups are good for mouth exercise.
We have got a very good OT, she is taking care of her PT as well, she comes home once in a week and we see her one more time. Her sitting has improved a lot. Crawling would take some more time. I wish she starts crawling by her first birthday.
When I leave for office, Navya shows some irritation, that makes me uncomfortable. Thankfully I leave at 1pm so I get good quality time with her, and in the evening Ashish comes by 7-8 pm so Navya stays with her nanny for 6-7 hours. I hope we will be able to manage this schedule.
There are lots of other things Navya is doing, and we loving every bit of it.
Can't stop thanking god for such a wonderful gift. Now I have actually started enjoying motherhood.
Attaching few of her pics, the quality of pics is not very good.
Navya gives very nice expressions specially for her age.

This is last months photo, Navya had really long hair at that time. Navya has got a new hair cut from her mommy and aatu. :)

On last weekend we had gone to Lonawala.

Navya enjoying her Baba's company
One pose with Mamma
Some very good expressions.

Cheesy smile
Innocent Smile
Balancing herself with her forearms
My cutie pie
Attacking my phone
Tired of posing Navya loves to look at colourful pictures.
Checking out her 'Bed time-Touchbook'

She loves to touch the furr of the cat
Now the Nursery Rhyme book
I just love this one
In the early this month we had flown down to kolkata to attend a wedding reception of our very dear friend. Navya enjoyed her flight first time, she was constantly looking out of the window.
We got to meet our old friends, it was a very nice trip.

Ashish's cousin sister got a very pretty dress for Navya. Navya wore it on the reception night.

It's a very cute white haulter dress with Sleeveless denim jacket.

Sometimes I feel J, we didnt get to wear such pretty dresses, I am sure RUPA even you would be feeling J ;)

As i mentioned earlier, Navya wants to eat whatever we are eating. MCD's Fingerchips are no exception