Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is your child Left Handed?

Did you know, till the age of 5 years children use both of their hands?
And forcing your child to use right hand instead of left can cause developmental delays.
I did not know, find out more in Sunday's Mumbai Mirror or please read here
Interesting Article :)


Becca said...

Samantha still can use both hands interchangeably, but definitely is more solid with her right. However, when she's walking up stairs, she leads off with her left, which is quite curious to me. I was so worried she'd be a lefty, just because I felt that things were going to be difficult enough for her without having the extra burden of needing left-accomodating stuff. But she's definitely showing a preference for her right. Interesting post!

stephanie said...

I'm left handed and I've been hoping one of my kids would be too. So far none are but Miss Em does favor her left hand. Time will tell.

The world is set up for right handed people though.

Jenna said...

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