Saturday, August 27, 2011

Body Suit Makeover

To add some fun element to the boring body suit, we painted some of Navya's fav. things on it.
This is how it looks now

 Two most fav. things on the arms(someone is going to turn 3 very soon)

Time to Lick :p

Mamma Fish and baby fishes

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pajama Party in School & Update on body suit

That sounds so cool.

Navya has Pajama Party today. We were asked to send a baby pillow, baby blanket, night time book/toy and toothbrush. And of course the kid in night dress.

Hope her day is fun filled.

Update on Body Suit: After initial disliking, now Navya insists to wear it for long time. This girl amazes us.
Not sure what has worked. But looks like the suit has become little loose, so she is more comfortable.

There have been suggestions that we paint it so that it looks more interesting to her. Nice Idea, might just work on it this weekend.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Milestone Diary: Speech

Ok, I don't even want to measure the gap here. But we have made some serious progress here. Till the age of 18 months Navya was not even babbling.

Navya has below words in her dictionary now.
Mamma (She started calling me 'Em' then 'Mumumma' and now the real clear word 'Mamma' :))
Baba (this is for Ashish)
Didi (this is for her Nanny)
So, all three members in our house have names now.. Yay..

Plus we have some names for relatives too
Kaga (pls read as KAKA which actually means Uncle in marathi, but she uses it to call her aunt(kaku). :)
Aaaji (Grandma)
Mama (my brothers)

Boaht (Boat)
Baaal (Ball) <-- L is silent here
Bebhie (baby) <-- again E is silent here
Bhor (more)
Naah (no)
Haaaaay (hi)
BaBabay (bye)
And for anything else she says 'Mamma' repeatedly, then you have to ask questions and see if she says 'yeaah' as an answer to any of those if you are lucky.
Hey, that's a long list; just realized after listing here.

There are many words which she has said clearly but only once. We could not get her to repeat it.
Her therapist says words will come and go. But it's a good sign.
She has asked to use the above words in different different contexts and more number of times. E.g. she has asked us to make a photo album of above words and ask her to teach those words to Teddy Bear. Plus we have to add couple of words to pretend play; decide which words we will introduce and use those words repeatedly during a play. The other instructions are i) stretch a word ii) Speak slowly and clearly iii) use as short sentences as possible. Preferably just two words with action.

I have got the straw and jabber kit from Talk Tools. How I ordered it ?<- that will need a new post all together. Her therapist thinks we don't need a jabber kit. And regarding straw kit we have been asked to use it  in any sequence for drinking thin liquids, no special instructions for that.

Now coming back to today's achievement.
August 23, 2011: After brushing her teeth, she said 'DooDhoo'. I thought she is saying 'DiDi'.
I said 'Didi'
She said "Naah... DooDhoo"
Ah got it. I repeated "DooDhoo??"
She smiled and said "yeaaah"

So we have a new word for Milk :) ... Yaay

Monday, August 22, 2011

Rains... Cold... Cough and Ah that Whizzing

I hate you rains... I hate you...

Seriously, it doesn't take much time to catch cold in this season. No matter how much we protect, Navya catches cold instantly.
And with cold comes the running nose then blockage of nose and in the end that scary whizzing sound. I say scary as it is a real scary one. You see that your baby is not able to lie down, and that breathing sound is so loud that makes you feel your baby is grasping for breaths.

And what does your pediatrician say? A usual answer "Her nasal passage is narrow. So if a typical child takes 4-5 days to recover from cold she will take 8-10 days."
"Her tonsils are big. With the infection, they enlarge even more"
So he prescribes the usual cough and cold medicines. And if you again go back with same symptons chances are high that you will get an Antibiotic prescription.

We have had above sessions n number of times. God only knows how many bottles of Allegra and Ascoril syrups Navya has consumed till date.
Those white antibiotic doses give me chills.

The only solution to above problem seems to increase immunity. Alopathy doctor thinks, you gain immunity only when you face such cold/cough attacks. Seriously, I don't think this logic has worked for us.

I have heard how Homeopathy works well with young kids. We had a failed attempt some year back. Navya was on homeopathy for a year with a very well known Homeopathy Clinic. But it did not work out for us.

Some 3 months back Navya had a real bad infection. Whizzing sound + fever.. That was the only symptom nothing else. We were told to take 5 days of antibiotic dose. Fever will subside in 5 days and whizzing will go away slowly in 10 days.
This time around I was adamant that I will not give her another antibiotic dose moreover I was not convinced with the recovery timeline.
I decided to take a chance with Homeopathy. Homeopathy doctor gave an assurance that Whizzing will subside in 2 days.

We kept the faith and continued for 4 days and seriously whizzing did go away in 2 days.

Navya is on chronic medicine to increase her immunity now. We have had 2-3 incidences of cold/cough. But not seen the allopathy  doctor yet and keeping faith in Homeopathy.

I really hope there will be a day soon, when I will not worry when it rains. When she insists to eat ice-cream. When she sits in her bath-tub longer. When she gets drenched in rains.
I really hope so. I am keeping my faith.

P.S: I checked with this Homepath doctor about removing tonsils. She is dead against it. She says tonsils are very useful. They take all the infection and don't let it go inside our body. So incase you don't have tonsils there are high chances that infection will go in to other body parts like chest etc. And Homeopathy has excellent medicines for tonsils, so not to worry.

And a very handy tip, after having ice cream give a little warm water to your child. This will avoid enlargement of tonsils. I learnt it just today :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is your child Left Handed?

Did you know, till the age of 5 years children use both of their hands?
And forcing your child to use right hand instead of left can cause developmental delays.
I did not know, find out more in Sunday's Mumbai Mirror or please read here
Interesting Article :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Nice things people say

"Ya Allah, ye baby kitani KHUBSHURAT hai" <-- try reading it in typical Urdu tone..
Autowala asked Navya's Nanny "Ye aapki baby hai?"
She said "Nahin, mere madam ki hai"
again he said "Ekdum foreigner lagati hai"


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Anybody for Scuba diving???

No. That's not a scuba diving suit. :)

That's a special body suit to help Navya build better muscle tone. Our tummy is still a big concern, it gives stress on her backbone and also causes balance issues. 2 + years into PT, we are still called Marshmallow :).

Navya is supposed to wear it 6-7 hours daily. I was worried and I quickly asked the doc "Can she wear it when she is sleeping?".
"NO". Of course no, she has to wear it when she is physically active. The material of the suit is lycra+COTTON <- so thankful for this one and it's no more humid hot here, so I hope my little baby will get adjusted to it comfortably.
Today is the first day of this experiment, we are starting with 2 hours. Hope all goes well.

This body suit was suggested by Navya's PT. It is a pressure garment, we are told that when you wear a compression garment and do some physical activity in it, the blood pressure increases and your muscles work thus gain some strength.
We  have a orthopedic doctor who makes our orthotics, he got it stitched. Please let me know in case you need the details of the doctor. I guess you will have to come to the clinic to give your measurements, as detailed measurements are taken. The measurement and cutting of cloth is done here in Mumbai and sent to Delhi for stitching.The body suit has internal padding for zip area and they have put in all efforts to make the suit comfortable.Do write me on to get the doctor's phone number

Navya's adjustment Period
She could wear it only for 1.5 hours yesterday. Will post here once she gets adjusted to it