Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Milestone Diary: Speech

Ok, I don't even want to measure the gap here. But we have made some serious progress here. Till the age of 18 months Navya was not even babbling.

Navya has below words in her dictionary now.
Mamma (She started calling me 'Em' then 'Mumumma' and now the real clear word 'Mamma' :))
Baba (this is for Ashish)
Didi (this is for her Nanny)
So, all three members in our house have names now.. Yay..

Plus we have some names for relatives too
Kaga (pls read as KAKA which actually means Uncle in marathi, but she uses it to call her aunt(kaku). :)
Aaaji (Grandma)
Mama (my brothers)

Boaht (Boat)
Baaal (Ball) <-- L is silent here
Bebhie (baby) <-- again E is silent here
Bhor (more)
Naah (no)
Haaaaay (hi)
BaBabay (bye)
And for anything else she says 'Mamma' repeatedly, then you have to ask questions and see if she says 'yeaah' as an answer to any of those if you are lucky.
Hey, that's a long list; just realized after listing here.

There are many words which she has said clearly but only once. We could not get her to repeat it.
Her therapist says words will come and go. But it's a good sign.
She has asked to use the above words in different different contexts and more number of times. E.g. she has asked us to make a photo album of above words and ask her to teach those words to Teddy Bear. Plus we have to add couple of words to pretend play; decide which words we will introduce and use those words repeatedly during a play. The other instructions are i) stretch a word ii) Speak slowly and clearly iii) use as short sentences as possible. Preferably just two words with action.

I have got the straw and jabber kit from Talk Tools. How I ordered it ?<- that will need a new post all together. Her therapist thinks we don't need a jabber kit. And regarding straw kit we have been asked to use it  in any sequence for drinking thin liquids, no special instructions for that.

Now coming back to today's achievement.
August 23, 2011: After brushing her teeth, she said 'DooDhoo'. I thought she is saying 'DiDi'.
I said 'Didi'
She said "Naah... DooDhoo"
Ah got it. I repeated "DooDhoo??"
She smiled and said "yeaaah"

So we have a new word for Milk :) ... Yaay

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Sam's playground said...

That's a superb achievement, Navya!! Waiting to hear you are on to full sentences soon ... am sure it will be very soon! Much love!!