Monday, April 27, 2009

Papa's Girl

Ashish is a great dad. He gives so much attention to Navya. He always say "I will do anything for my baby", sometimes I feel J. lol...
He doesn't want to miss a single appointment with Dr. He is a great help. Right from Nappy changing to putting her to sleep he does it all ( I know I am lucky ;) ) . Specially in the morning, 6am-8am are the papa's hours. They play, read newspaper (navya too reads, really, would upload her photos :) ), exercise together. He sings to her. And what do I do at that time. I SLEEP :) :)

He has been transferred to Mumbai. Its been a week he is away from home. We will be joining him soon.

Navya misses him a lot.Yesterday when Ashish was speaking to Navya over phone, Navya started crying. Not sure whether Navya recognised his voice but it was very touchy.

Uploading Navya's special pics with her BABA.

This is my personal favourite

Friday, April 24, 2009

Masti Time

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for reading my posts and leaving your comments. For a beginner like me, it encourages a lot.

Navya makes lot of faces, sharing some of hers pics having fun. In hindi we say 'Masti Time'

'Lakadi ki Kathi' !!!

Did I tell you, she also loves to pull my hair :)

Here, she is enjoying her Palak Khichdi. Actually you see she doesn't like it.
But as soon as she sees a camera, she smiles :)

Again, Camera effect. Excited

These are oldies when she was 2-3 months old.

Spikes are IN.

Mc Donalds

I am a MacD fan. I love the McVeggie +extra cheese. Yum yum, my mouth is watering :p
After Navya's regular check up we went to McD.
Sharing the pics.
This dress was gifted by Ashish's colleague.
Safedi ki Chamkar, he he he :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Bumbo Chair

These days Navya doesn't want to lie down on her back. She wants to sit.
She hasn't got the complete Head control yet, so her head wobbels a bit.
I found about the Bumbo Chair on Internet, this chair allows babies to sit even without spine control.

After a long search we have ordered a bumbo chair. Would get it tomorrow hopefully.
Till then we tried Home made bumbo chairs :) And Navya enjoy in it.
Posting some of her pics.
This is the Revolutionary Bumbo Chair

Navya was not in Diapers :( :'( you can very well imagine what would had happened with our blanket.

Holi Hai !!!

I know it was long time back. But wanted to post the pics :)
Hope you enjoy

Navya's First Outstation Holiday- Puri, Nov'08

I am new to Blogging. Hope to learn it soon.

It was my Hubby's Birtday (23rd Nov), so we planned to go to Puri, Orissa. It is a overnight train journey from kolkata. It was very relaxing trip. After almost an year we had gone for a holiday.
We just loved it.
sharing some of the pics.

Proud Papa

Fun Time

Model in Making :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hello World

Hello Friends,
Welcome to our blog...
This blog is dedicated to our bundle of joy Navya. On 5th Sept 2008 I was rushed to Hospital due to drop in my baby's heart beat. Actually my baby was in Hurry to Say 'Hello World' (After all her Mom is a Software Engineer :) ) The next day i.e. on 6th Sep 08 at 10.02 am Navya was born. Here are some of the pics.