Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Milestone Diary: Self feeding

5 July 2011
Today, Navya had her breakfast all on her own :)
She ate a bowl full of sprouts with SPOON without spilling, without any prompting from me.

I wish I had recorded it. It was so cute to watch those two little hands coordinating to make sure nothing falls out from the spoon and the spoon goes straight into the mouth.

Navya you rock!!!

Our progress on Self Feeding
Navya had been eating on her own from at least 1 1/2 years now.
1) First we started with eating dry items using hands; chips,biscuits, puffed rice(murmura) etc
2) Then we started giving her Paratha with pickle; initially we had to make pieces for her, now she can cut-dip-eat on her own.
3) Then we practiced eating with fork; fruits, brownies, pasta etc
4) Then eating with spoon(mostly dry items); it takes lot of patience to practice this. We have tried it occasionally. That's why today's milestone is worth celebrating :)
5) Next we want to practice spoon feeding with bit messy items like dal-rice, pulav etc. Let's see how it goes.

Navya has a strange way of eating certain items like puffed rice/cheeselings. If you give her a bowl of puffed rice, within two mins she will spill the entire thing on ground and then pick up and eat. She loves puffed rice (I find it absolutely insipid)
Last year, her playschool teacher had tough snack time. We are still working on this thing, hopefully this year will be better.

Navya has a habit of holding the handle towards the end. No matter how many times we correct it she prefers holding it that way. So we got a pair of spoon/fork with short handle(Brand-Nuby), now she has no option ;)


Becca said...

Great job, Navya!! It's so wonderful once utinsils are used - I thought Sammi would *never* figure out how to eat liquids with a spoon, but she's got it pretty well figured out. Looking forward to that video you still have to take... :-)

Devasena Hariharan said...

great that she is eating parathas on her own. I myself find it difficult to eat food with spoon.

spilling on the ground and eating them(so sweet).

Kudos to you. She is making great strides.

Rupz said...

So exciting and so cute ! I love those little spoons. Great Pallu

Devasena Hariharan said...

that photo on the header looks good. she looks little big now -:)

nice flashy smile

samarpit said...

Hey Navya ... you seem to be doing very well in the self-eating department!! In fact, you are doing wayy better than my 3 and a half years old nephew ... he still has to be fed. Imagine!! About the murmura...dont listen to mom ... its always more fun to spill it all on the floor and eat :)