Friday, July 15, 2011

Introducing Angie and her Warrior

Angie 4F
Girl, born February 2009
Hazel eyes
The nature of the active, lively, well played with toys, malokontaktnaya, few emotions
Now this little girl has a Warrior. 
I am so proud to tell you that 
She is barely 27 
She is NOT married
She doesn't have anybody in her family who has Down Syndrome
BUT She is MY BEST FRIEND ( so now you know the link)

When I first introduced her to Recee's Rainbow, she was moved. Scrolling that list of waiting children makes her uncomfortable. But she is keen to make difference in someone's life. Help that little girl to get what she deserves.

Please drop by her blog and give her a word of encouragement. If possible suggest her ways to help Angie.

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stephanie said...

Just left her a comment! We love Miss Angie!!! I'm so happy she has a warrior! Thanks for leaving the link to her blog!

And Navya is so big!!! oh my goodness. And that smile is just growing with her! Just beautiful!!!