Friday, October 8, 2010

"This child will have this problem"

Do you hear this from your Pediatrician?
I hear this many times

Navya is having cold from past 2 weeks, no fever but just the runny nose.
Finally we saw the doc yesterday, he prescribed the usual medicines for flu (actually on all his previous prescriptions we have the same medicines scribbled, as we see him for vaccines and cold/cough)
After all was done
Me: "Doc, Navya is catching cold very frequently. Rainy season has been the worst."...
He interrupted me
Doc: "This child WILL have this problem"

Me: "Anything you can prescribe to improve her immunity?"
He was nodding his head to say NO, then he gave up to me and prescribed an Ayurvedic Syrup
Doc: "Give this syrup for 3 months. It usually works with other kids"
(oh that means, it may/may not work with my child as he has DS ???)

Some other day,
Me: "Doc she has gained just over 1 kg in past one year. I am bit worried"
Doc: "This happens with kids with DS"
Me: "And Doc  her height? Is there anything we can supplement to help her grow?"
Doc: Nothing. This is also because of DS
(Look I know, she would be short, DS + Mommy is short, but does that mean you would not suggest anything, would you not suggest anything to a typical kid?)

I don't like the fact that the Pediatricians are not open to think about more options.They want us to accept what it is.
Sure we  have accepted what it is. But it is my every right to find out what can benefit my child.
Just because she is born with a condition which can not be altered, I am not gonna sit and watch whatever comes to me.

The most disturbing thing is, had some other mom asked above queries I am sure he would had prescribed 'n' items for the same.

I feel frustrated.


Devasena Hariharan said...

dear Pallavi, dont worry urself unneccessarily. She is doing extremely well.

From all the photos, she looks plumpier and correct for a 2 year old.

If you are really worried, You give her lots of proteins(fish, chicken, sprouts) through food supplement.

Did we eat tablets as kids, give her lots of milk, egg etc..

simultaneously do her routine blood tests, x rays etc..

If she is not eating, you both eat it before her, she will be curious and will want to taste it..

evrfwd said...

I'm sorry that you have to go through this. I understand your frustration. You are an advocate for your child and I know you will educate people about the myths of DS. You are doing great work just by being a loving and caring mom.