Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick Update

First thigs first.. :) Navya is doing quite good in 'Just Kiddin'.. Her teachers/Principal adore her, that makes me feel GR8.. But I hate that 'Of she is so small ' glance, which I get ocassionally from few parents.
School first day pics/video are there, but I am not getting time to upload here.

We have travelled to Ashish's native place last week. Ashish's Sister Teena got engagaed on 20th June. :)

Now tonight we are off to Singapore. It's my first International Travel alone (me + navya), getting nervous.. Ashish is already there in Singapore for official work. We are joining him there and will be back together on 30th June.

Oh one more thing, till date Navya has not cried in her playschool. Isn't it interesting..
Somehow I don't feel good about it  :(


RK said...

Glad things are going well for her. And of COURSE they love her!! How can that smile not just capture everyone?!?

Braska never has cried about going anywhere. She rarely cries at all, ever. She has been willing to go to the nursery at church or to a babysitter's house or to stay with family for her whole life. She likes me, but she sure doesn't mind if I'm not around, as long as there are toys and other people. So I wouldn't feel bad that she hasn't cried. She is simply so well adjusted that she's happy to go where she needs to and she knows you'll be back soon. That means you've raised her well! :o)

And I'm so jealous.. I love Singapore. I really want to go back someday. Enjoy your family togetherness!

Devasena Hariharan said...

Happy travel... sooon upload those first day photos..

doesnt cry means she is very happy there with kids to play with -:)

If she cries, then u will keep on worrying abt it.. nothing in office or at home will run for u.. u will constantly be concerned...

Pallavi, u want ur girl to cry.. maybe I will comeover there and pinch her hard and make her cry.. jus kiddin

Becca said...

Nothing wrong with her not crying! Sounds like there are enough fun distractions that she's able to settle in quickly. Glad it going well for you and her!

Have a safe and fun trip to Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pallu !

Have a nice fun trip! Post some Singapore pics soon.

~ rupa