Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Play school update

Well, we haven't got into any yet. Collected info on various other play schools close to our place. Will visit one by one.
I spoke to one mother yesterday; her child with DS was going to Tree House. Her experience was bad. I really wonder how they can do this to such a small kid. These days lots of private playschools are coming up with various promises, we parents fall for those big brand names and pay heavy tuition fees. I wish there was some regulations on these private playschools.

I was very angry yesterday; I knew I will have to fight. But at playschool level????? I was angrier with the remark of having a Special Educator for Navya at such early stage. She doesn't need any special educator right now.
At this stage I just want my child to go to an interesting place, play there, and interact with other kids. That's all. I wish Navya had a sibling.
The mother I mentioned above also said  'Put Navya to a playschool where they will take her happily. We can certainly send a notice to the school. But it's just the beginning and we will have to fight at school level too, so reserve energy for that'. I see a point there.

And thank you all for your comments, I think I am not going to tell everyone right in front about Navya's DS. Let them ask questions. Will try and find a place where Teacher:Kids ratio is small.
The session would be starting by mid June, need to finalize before that. Will keep you updated.

Bye the way below playschools happily take kids with special needs and they have special educators. Unfortunately we don't their branches near our home.
    Kangaroo Kids
    Tigger Kids


Becca said...

I'm about to start going through the same thing, as I think I mentioned in my last comment. I blogged about it last week - if you get a chance, please take a look at it, as I had gotten some very helpful responses. I think I, too, will also not say anything about Sammi having Ds. My initial inquiries went out telling them she was in a Special Education preschool, but I may eliminate that from the equation as well. I'll look forward to hearing how things progress for you! I will post updates about my own search, too. :-)

Kelly said...

I couldn't agree with you more! At this age, there is no need for a special educator. Our kids...STILL need to be kids too! I would save that energy for grade school, too!!

BTW, what a beautiful little girl you have there:)

ch said...

Oh, we hope you find a match that puts your heart at ease! Still laughing at the school's refusal of your beautiful girl because she might not know already the things they want to "teach". My goodness. That doesn't sound like a school ANY child would get much out of, now does it? Clearly, Navya is equipped with a device for weeding out the valuable educational institutions from the weak ones.

To Love Endlessly said...

I agree though that you should send her somewhere that they want to take her. It would help them to meet Navya to see how typical she is. I understand your frustration.

Devasena Hariharan said...

I too agree with Ch- That doesn't sound like a school ANY child would get much out of, now does it?

the way they sound, they wont treat your child well.. thank god that you has this realization..