Thursday, April 29, 2010

Indian Summer !

Summer season is heating up India nowadays with mercury soaring to 40 degree centrigrade in many places.

Navya anyway wants to be in cool places, now she enjoys her bath even more. You can easily make out how happy and engrossed she is with water. This pic was taken at one of our friend's place at Pune.  

Its simply outstanding to get the superb support from each and every one... We are really happy and acknowledge the feelings... Thanks a lot everyone !!!

Take care.

- Ashish on Pallavi's behalf


To Love Endlessly said...

she's so cute. I love that little belly of hers.lovely2#lovely2#

Sumithra said...

Lovely photo.

Anonymous said...

Navya is adorable. I saw your post on Cayman's blog (I am Cayman's grandma.) and linked on over. As a special education teacher in the U.S., I am so happy to hear about the opportunities that special needs children will now be require to receive. My blessings to you and your family and give that beautiful little girl a hug from me.