Saturday, April 17, 2010

19 Month Assessment Updates

Navya's 18 months assessment was due for over a month. We got it done 2 days back. Well we haven't received the copy of assessment yet. But the Dev Pediac discussed the concerns and her progress.

Navya's 18 months assessment was due for over a month. We got it done 2 days back. Well we haven't received the copy of assessment yet. But the Dev Pediac discussed the concerns and her progress.

Before that let me put some updates here , I haven’t posted about Navya in a long time. Before I get into the Guilt mode. Here it is

Weight: 9.7 Kgs
Height: 73cms
(In last 3 months she has gained 1 kg and height by 3 cms)

Gross Motor
- Nowadays Crawls fast ( actually depends on motivation)
- Navya is cruising onto furniture
- She is very mobile these days, traveling in a car/bus is like a circus
- Walks very FAST if we hold her hands
- Trying to climb onto sofa/beds
We have set May as her target for walking.

Fine Motor
- Pulling/Banging/Throwing she has mastered 
- Can stack blocks with bit of help
- Can draw standing lines and sometimes sleeping lines as well
- Can push various buttons (including TV/AC remotes)
- Plays synthesizer (well ok I call it playing, but otherwise it is called banging)
That reminds me I should upload a video where she is acting like a rock star

Ah well.. We are lagging behind a lot here
Navya recently started saying Mum Mum
She calls me AMMMM.. Actually she says it to call anyone 
That’s all 

Picks up signs very quickly. May be that is discouraging her to speak.
Can sign
1. Murmura (it’s a snack, she like it A lot, rather she is crazy for it)
2. Chocolate
3. Mamma
4. Water
5. Monkey
6. Elephant
7. Baby
8. Corn flakes
9. Bath Time
10. Hat

Can say YES/NO by shaking her head
Can point to 10 body parts
Can point to various day to day objects
In general, Navya understands quite a lot of things. She responds with her expressions or by pointing at objects or with her Yes/No.

Becoming a TV Couch. Everytime we come in drawing room, she makes it a point to point to TV and do dance action.

She has her favourite songs, current favs are
1) Dhan te Tan from Kaminey
2) Uff teri ada from Kartik Calling Kartik
Oh I must upload her dance videos. She is a babe in making ;)
And one more thing, whenver you scold her she looks down. And keeps on checking you till you change your angry expression to a smile. That’s so sweet.

Ok, now about the assessment
1) Navya’s score for ‘the things which don’t require understanding of language’ was 15 Months +
2) And for the understanding of language – it is scatter here
Certain things that she is doing are of a 18 months and certain below 12 months
The biggest concern was Navya doesn’t even babble much these days, the language understanding is very good, then why is she not speaking?????
Her eating/chewing/swallowing is also good.
So did a BERA test (yeah, it was due as we did not find any hearing issue with her)

Now, the BERA has come absolutely normal. But now Dr. wants to get it done from some other more experienced technician.

We have been advised to play lot of Pretend play with her, and sometimes let her play on her own (w/o any instruction).
And start a PlaySchool as early as possible. This will give her more exposure.


To Love Endlessly said...

she sounds a lot like Marissa. Don't worry about signs discouraging a child to talk. Research actually says the opposite. It actually helps kids learn how to talk sooner. Kids with DS just have a hard time forming words. She'll get there though, she's already doing WONDERFUL from everything you say. That's great that she's cruising along too!

Becca said...

Funny how quickly children learn to use a remote control for the tv or the stereo!
Definitely continue teaching her signs! Don't worry about it impeding speech, because she will learn to talk (just watch her speech take off after she masters walking!), and the signs are helping to bridge the gap and prevent frustration. Communication in any way is very important. Many children with Ds have dyspraxia or apraxia (don't ask me what the difference is...!), which, I believe, is an inability to mimic, which often will delay speech, if it is determined that hearing is not an issue. I don't know that much about it, but I'm sure someone else will chime in here and set me straight. Have you gotten the book, "Early Communication Skills for Children with Down Syndrome" yet?
I would imagine it's available through Amazon or any of the larger online booksellers.
It sounds like Navya is doing GREAT!!!!! I'm so glad to see an update!

Cathleen said...

Your daughter is precious! It sounds like she is doing so many wonderful things, and she is so beautiful! We did (and still do) signing with Lilly. I think it is wonderful for bridging the gap before a child talks all the time, and it let us know all the concepts that Lilly knew before she could otherwise express them. We loved (and still love) Baby Signing Time dvds. I know they will ship internationally because we ordered some in New Zealand last year. Enjoy your beautiful little girl!