Thursday, November 26, 2009

A long due update and lots of Photos

Hi All,

I apologies for not posting. But I am back now and hope will post more frequently now.

Let me mention here, what I couldn't post in past 2 and 1/2 months.

To begin with we had Navya's One year check up and assessment. Her Thyroid and Spine X ray have come normal. Vision and Bera are still due, I think we dont have any issues there, but still will get it done in coming few days.

Navya cooperated very well during her assessment. We go to 'Ummed' to see the developmental Pediatrician. Her assessment scores at the age of one year were CAT: 9.3 months, CLAMS 8.5 months
Overall they thought she behaved like a 9.5 months old baby.
As per my understanding CAT score tells about her behavior and CLAMS about speech.
And the DQ (Developmental Quotient) was 74; which is average for any kid.

We have been advised to play with more cause and effect toys, have animated talk with her and start Speech Therapy. We had two speech therapy sessions (third one is in next week itself, gosh the speech therapy scares me :( will write about that in some other post). Also, we try to take 3 PT sessions a week (very rarely we can make it to 3rd one). Oh and I forgot to mention Navya is coming up to sit on her now :). Yeah, she has mastered it now. Currently we are working on her Crawling. Quite a lot of hard work for my little girl, while kneeling she screams like Steffy Graph (aaaa, aeeeeeeee ingggggg).

And now the teething part; from last 6 months or so we were waiting to see that tiny little white spot. Surprise surprise, Navya is finally teething. And guess what ? Navya's first tooth is not the regular 'First Molar'... naah.........not even the Second Molar... yes, it's the Cannian Tooth.. he he ha ha.. Someone just told me she will look like Dracula. Can you image a kid with all four molar teeth (and only molar teeth) ?

There are some more updates to come, till then Enjoy My Cute Little Navya's photographs ( these are not the latest though)

Pics from the month of August
LUX Beauty

Our first attempt to make her stand with support at bumps.
Check out the expressions in next two pics

At Grandma's house with me (needed to specify :) )

With her cousin Brother 'Mrigank', he was so happy to see someone younger than him

!@$!@#$!@#$!@#$ arrrrrrr

Do you see a Model in making?


She likes all girlie things

On the way to Pune

With cousin 'Vtsal'

That's what happens with most of her Soft toys. She gives them a bath


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Tina said...

So happy to see Navya's pictures again, it's been so long, but was good to talk to you the other day and to catch up on so much thats happening with our little ones. She looks as sweet as ever, I love those folds in her legs!!! Please do post some pictures once she gets her "dracula" teeth, I am sure she will look adorable with them.

Beth said...

I'm glad to have stopped by to hear the news and see the pictures! What a big girl she is, sitting and standing! That's terrific!

Sumithra said...

Navya seems to be getting prettier by the day. So, has she started sitting, bearing weight on legs and even playing with stuffed toys. She is certainly becoming a big girl.