Monday, September 7, 2009

Navya turned ONE

Little Navya turned ONE yesterday :) We celebrated the day with friends and relatives.
Uploaded few snaps here. More to follow.

Ready to cut the Cake. Enjoying the CakeNow it's my mom's turn

Posing with Mamma
Navya grabbed all gifts with excitements. Grandpa got a Synthesizer for Navya

With Swati Aunty

Gifts :)
Navya trying to play the synthesizer with her toes
Maharani :)

Relaxing in Mama's Arms


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stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Navya. You look so pretty. What a gorgeous dress, I love it!!
Looks like a wonderful day.

ABandCsMom said...

Oh I hope you had a wonderful birthday Navya. I just love your name! You are such a little beauty.

Becca said...

It looks like I'm a little behind here! Happy Birthday (belated) beautiful girl!!