Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Bumbo Chair

These days Navya doesn't want to lie down on her back. She wants to sit.
She hasn't got the complete Head control yet, so her head wobbels a bit.
I found about the Bumbo Chair on Internet, this chair allows babies to sit even without spine control.

After a long search we have ordered a bumbo chair. Would get it tomorrow hopefully.
Till then we tried Home made bumbo chairs :) And Navya enjoy in it.
Posting some of her pics.
This is the Revolutionary Bumbo Chair

Navya was not in Diapers :( :'( you can very well imagine what would had happened with our blanket.


Monica @ Monkey Musings said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I cannot imagine thinking of her as a curse! I'm sure Navya will help change hearts and minds through your blog. Welcome to blogland!

Kshitiz said...

Great.... I wish her all the best...

Bhakti Pingale said...

Navya good going baby... spoil a few more blankets.. Mom needs work ;)

Sumithra said...

Hi, how is Navya doing in her new Bumbo chair? After seeing your post, I'm planning to get one for my son. If you have ordered it online, could you please provide the website for the vendor? Thanks in advance.

Beverly said...

Oh, she is so cute! Such a beautiful girl!