Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hello World

Hello Friends,
Welcome to our blog...
This blog is dedicated to our bundle of joy Navya. On 5th Sept 2008 I was rushed to Hospital due to drop in my baby's heart beat. Actually my baby was in Hurry to Say 'Hello World' (After all her Mom is a Software Engineer :) ) The next day i.e. on 6th Sep 08 at 10.02 am Navya was born. Here are some of the pics.


girlonwheels said...

Stopped by to say hello from Australia.

My Blog said...

Hii Pallu,,Ur daughter really looks lyk a Princess..This is a great blog, i loved the pics posted up here..
I hope u r doing gr8 girl..miss the college time we spend together..
Hope to see u and ur little princess soon. :)
- Manika

radhika said...

hi pallavi and ashish
really really proud of u guys this is grt blog i need to share something i have twin boys they r 3 yrs old one of my twin has DS i can feel wat u both feel...u r presently in mumbai right my email id is would like to talk u guys i hope u will reply and ya i big hug for navya bye take care