Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Milestone Diary - Brush your teeth

Toothbrush- Initially we tried Piegon toothbrush with less bristles.
Then we moved to use the regular children toothbrush.

Toothpaste- I hate those sweet flavored toothpastes.
After some trials I settled for "Miswak" toothpaste.
It is non-fluoride and it's not sweet. You have any better suggestions??

How we do it?
Initially I use to brush her teeth.
Then I started singing "AA AA AA , EE EE EE" while brushing so that she understands where the brush goes and how it moves.
Now she insists to brush on her own.
She understands that she needs to spit it but at times she gulps it too :( yucks..I think we will get there soon..

Brushing along with her helps as she tries to imitate every action you do. Right from washing your hands to wiping your face to checking your breath after brush :)

How is our teeth condition?
Only a doc can say I guess. Navya has these little shark teeth. Small and sharp.
With a small mouth, reaching every corner is a tough task.


Becca said...

I love your new header pic! Beautiful, and so, so, so grown up! Wow, brushing her teeth! Good for her! Maybe she can come over and teach Samantha how to spit...

Devasena Hariharan said...

cool that she is brushing her teeth on her own

Almost 70% of the children gulp down the toothpaste.

Go for baby brand toothpaste. incase if she swallows it, it will not harm her. the regular adult toothpaste will burn her tummy.

hey these are milk tooth, even if she doesnt brush them properly. its ok -:) they will fall down.

now dont imagine that i will not brush my kids' tooth, just saying to assure you(hee hee)

Samaprita said...

Even my 3 yr old nephew gulps it at times...but as long as her gums are fine, those pearly whites will be too :)