Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pony Illusion

What do I do that with those silky/super straight/thick black hair this summer???

The front portion hair just refuse to come backwards and opposite is the case for the back portion... So tried a new style. But I know it's not gonna work out. This kid chews on all her bows/clips/rubber bands.. and going by the speed of  her hair, we need haircut every fortnight.. Tried few haircuts from professionals but that made her look like a boy plus the silky texture was lost..
I usually give her a haircut(haircut=cutting the length and keeping her ear clear from those black strands). But looks like even that too is not going to work with temperature already risen above 41 degrees. Looks like we will have to go for the Boy cut again :(
Javed Habib we are coming this Saturday....


Devasena Hariharan said...

nice hair style -:)
In south, we have a ear piercing and hair shaving ceremony in temple(mottai-complete shave), thereby new hair grows again.
Second photo looks lovely.

Pallavi said...

Even we have that hair shaving ceremony, but we skipped it.. We are so much in love with her silky hair dont want to take any risk. Many ppl told me it might not grow this silky after the mundan.