Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Handpainting is so much FUN :)

On 14th Feb, Navya's school has a 'Lion n Cub' party. Mommies are not invited :( (Only daddy )
So, this weekend we tried to make some Valentine Cards. I am sure Navya had fun, check out her pics :))

Oops, I did that.

 Final product

 I love this one


Kelly said...

Oh how fun.....and messy!! LOVE it:)

maverick said...

The LION is waiting eagerly for 14th Feb :)

Becca said...

Beautiful!!! And so fun! I'm the chicken mommy who's too afraid to let her little girl get messy - I'm always jealous when I see others being so much more carefree and just enjoying the fun of the moment. :-)

Devasena Hariharan said...

looks like both had a lovely time, cute smeared face -:)

Bhakti Pingale said...

I want one card that my kittoo darling made!!