Friday, September 3, 2010

Why Me???

That's the question which haunted me for almost a year after Navya's DS diagnosis.

And here I am with my soon to be 2 yr old. And I still wonder WHY ME???
Only the tone of the question is different now :)

During the initial days I read all these wonderful blogs; wherein people had told how they are gifted and happy with their kids. The immature ME thought it’s just a way of consoling so that you don’t miss what you don’t have.

I was wrong. I was so very wrong. My own daughter has proved me wrong.

If there is any new Parent reading this now, trust me you will feel the some if not already in few days/months. Just hang on there. 

When I look in those Mischievous Eyes

When I hear her Laugh

When I hear her calling me Mimi (oh I love this one so much. First EM.. then MaMaMa.. now Mimi.. Loving everybit of it)

When I see her engrossed in her Play

When I see her giving someone generous warm Hugs and Kisses

When I see her Waving to Strangers

When I see people Waving and Smiling back at her

When I see her Praying

When I see her Smiling

When I see this little doll Dancing

I wonder WHY ME???

God, do I deserve so much of Love and Joy?


stephanie said...

I felt the same way. Especially when i saw families who were so happy. I honestly thought they were in denial! little did I know!
Beautiful words!!!

stephanie said...

just saw the photos from your previous post!!! Gorgeous!!!!!

Devasena Hariharan said...

just speechless Palavi! no words for you... I dont have kids of my own, though i'm carrying now, but I feel you in my own way..

Stacy said...


Becca said...

Oh, well put, Palavi. Why me - how do I deserve everything Samantha has brought to my life? So true. She's my only child, and will remain as such, and I can't imagine life with any other.

I love watching the shift in mindset (through their blogs) that invariably occurs for the parents of babies with Ds. It's a beautiful thing.

Kele@ said...

Oh Palavi, I have thought so much about this very thing lately... and you answered my question. I have wondered if when I tell people how amazingly blessed I feel that God chose me for Presley, I can't help but wonder if they think I am just trying to convince 'myself' of this and don't really think that deep inside. I sooooo wish people could understand how lucky I feel and how happy I am to have Presley as my daughter... just as she is. I wouldn't trade her for 6 happy, healthy typical kids if a million bucks came with each of them.
And your sweet Angel is just that... A sweet ANGEL!
Wish I could kiss that precious face!!