Monday, December 7, 2009

Navya Loves Jammin :)

Look at that face, she is not scared of those rides and enjoys a lot. Infact she cries when we head back to home.
I feel so proud when kids double of her age and size cries when their enthu parents make them sit in those fancy rides and my little one waves hi, shakes her head like crazy. (gosh such a long sentence :) )
Oh she is so sweet!
Enjoy the pics.


Rupz said...

awww She is indeed a brave little girl ! She looks glam in the red car .. !!

Tina said...

Great to see her enjoying herself. What a big girl she looks!!!

Pankaj Misal said...

Mala 'Zamperla' car madhala khup avadala. Two drivers but only one champion! She is looking very cute :-)