Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thank you !

Hi Friends, Thank you very much for your comments, mails and phone calls. It means a lot to me. Initially, I was scared to let people know that my baby has a chromosomal abnormality. I myself believe that we pay for our sins in this life itself. So, after Navya's DS diagnosis I started self evaluation, why me? I must have done something wrong to someone that's why GOD has punished me, all my dreams were shattered, lost confidence. (I think almost all go through this cycle). In this difficult time my husband was my pillar of support. He gave me the strength to carry on.

Every single spare minute I was surfing Internet. Initially it was all Bad things that I read and got depressed. Then I started reading about the inspirational stories of Adults with DS and then came the Blog world and I read about Ella Grace. Then the other blogs related to DS and I realised I AM NOT ALONE. What I also noticed was all families said their child got immense joy and unconditional love to them. It did not take much time for me to realise the same. I got a different perspective now; I believe GOD chose us because GOD thinks we can give her all the love and care she deserves. We are BLESSED. GOD has a special place for us being Navya’s parents. Some of you might think it’s a way of consoling yourself. May be you are right, but you need some strength to carry on and you need to be in our situation to understand the feeling.

Now I thank GOD for sending us such a joy, we know there would be challenges ahead, I am sure we will get the strength to face those as well.
I am also sure raising her will teach us various lessons of life which we would have not learnt otherwise.
I know it’s a heavy dose; I will spare you from the other thoughts.

Before that I want to thank all you mommies out there, thank you very much for posting about your kiddos.

Now, posting Kittoo's snaps to lighten the mood. Hope you enjoy :)
Kittoo is Navya’s pet name.
Feeling Sleepy Fingers and Toes taste so good I never knew :) Oh she loves to check out the ads

I am showing her the 'Sale' Ads.
New Dress, had gone to b'day party of Navya's aunt at Pizza Hut.
She was eating that frill all the time

On the way to Raichak, with Teena Aatu (Aunt, Ashish's Sister)


Heidi said...

Navya is so cute - especially in her pretty dresses!

I really appreciated your post today. I'm so glad you realize that you are not alone. I love the blog community as well. It is so helpful hearing about other families and how their children with Down Syndrome have enriched their lives.

Good for you for realizing the blessing that Navya is. You are so right that God will give you what you need to raise Navya and that He has chosen you to do just that.

My name is Sarah said...

Oh how sweet she is. I love that she is reading the shopping ads already. Too cute.

ds.mama said...

Yes, it doesn't take long to figure out that God has sent you a wonderful teacher.

That is funny... Ella Grace with the Pretty Face was the first ds blog I ever found... It was one of her dancing baby posts. I was mesmerized and suddenly the future looked brighter.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

She is so adorable! I'm glad you are settling into the world of Ds, it really is a very nice place to live! :)

Sumithra said...

Wow, Navya looks adorable.

Kim said...

She is beautiful!! Our little angels are blessings from God! I couldn't imagine my life without Mattie.

Kacey Bode said...

You are so right, I think we all go through the "why me" stage. I know I did. But as you said you soon learn that the "why" was to teach you a very important lesson, how to love unconditionally and to slow down and find joy in the simple things! I know that Ella has opened my eyes to a whole new world and I wouldn't change a thing!! I'm so glad that you found the blogging world, it is so helpful to know that you are not alone, it has been so theraputic for me! Hope you have a great week and give that sweet little Navya a kiss for me!!

datri said...

Oh, she is just SO cute! I just love her eyes!

Ssejors said...

He HE I love the Last pic the best.. she has a cute smile! :)

I was with you when I first had Hunter too. WHY ME! Why cant I do anything right? Why cant i have a normal baby? Why am I being punished! BUT oh my. it makes me cry to think that I ever felt that way about my boy. He is the most amazing blessing I have ever had in my life! And you are blessed as well to have Navya in your life. She will teach you so much!

evrfwd said...

so glad you have this blog going. kittoo is a lucky baby to have such loving parents. my husband and i have a 14 month old daughter named maya. her father is from india so i'm very happy to find your blog.

i know i'm biased but i do think that our babies are the sweetest things in this world!

Jennie said...

What a darling little girl! My little guy, Micah, has an extra chromosome too and he is 16 months old now. He's definitely a blessing from God.