Thursday, August 1, 2019

What's up with Navya

There has been a longgggg silence on this blog.

Quick Update - Navya is going to be 11 years soon. Still goes to a mainstream school with teaching support. She is fairly independent in her daily routine - of course need to remind her to be quicker :D

Talks a lot - sometimes need to tell her to take a break and be little quiet for a while
Has a sense of humour
Still loves Cakes and still gets mad (a little less) when the birthday boy/girl doesn't feed her straightaway.
She is our dancing queen.

I won't be posting much on this blog going forward.
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Signing off!!!

1 comment:

Adelaide Dupont said...

Good morning Pallavi!

It was good to see you on Sarah Ely's blogroll.

I wonder if she talks through her daily routine?

I don't remember her getting mad when the birthday person didn't feed her.


Thank you for the instagram link, Pallavi.

And how is the "Things you would want to know" page? Is it going to change to be a page Navya makes?